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How Nteon Practice Consultants Will Help Your Practice


We perform a Comprehensive Preventative Practice Audit that will Protect Your Practice!


Overview of our Audit Process


Review of Examination Documentation

A comprehensive review of your examination documentation is performed. 

It is important to note, most EHR systems are not compliant.

Many have a "Verification" process but often verify an exam when, in fact, it is not compliant.


 Thorough review of all aspects of the exam:

        History (Patient, Family, Social), Medications, ROS, Chief Complaint  

            Patient history for most practices is not complete or consistent.  Common reason for audit failure.

            We work with the staff who record history to ensure compliant documentation.  


                          We ensure all the required elements are documented. We make detailed recommendations for compliance. 

        Procedures - Orders and Interpretation & Reports

                    We ensure each procedure has a valid order and report.  Failing either of these results in penalties.

        Compliant Documentation of All Diagnoses and Procedures

                    Exams can be denied if the diagnoses and procedures on the exam do not exactly match the claim.

                   Most practices are unaware of this until they are penalized. 

                   We ensure the your system and processes result in diagnoses and procedures are correct on submitted claims.


 Identify Lost Reimbursement - Increase Your Future Reimbursement

         We identify all causes of lost reimbursement including; claims, EOB processing and procedures not billed.

         Frequently the loss we detail is many times higher than the cost of the audit!


 Billing - Claims, Aging and Reimbursement- We work with your staff to ensure that correct processes are in place.

         We review the entire billing cycle - posting of charges, scrubbing of claims, submission and EOB processing.

         The billing process is where we typically identify significant lost reimbursement.

         We make specific recommendations and assistance to recover these losses and avoid the losses in the future.


 HIPAA Review   We review HIPAA compliance as part of our audit process.

          We make specific recommendations to correct any HIPAA issues.


 What Else Is Included:

Wrap Up Meeting –A thorough review of our findings with doctors and staff.

Final Report - Comprehensive report documenting all our findings and recommendations.

Support After Our Audit - We continue to review your records and help you after our audit. 


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