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Why Our Analysis is Important to You

         Medicare, Blue Cross, VSP and other payers are performing more audits than ever before.  We typically see findings against the practice for $125,000 to $200,000 for one and two doctor practices!
You need to make sure you will pass an audit.

         These audits are being conducted for a number of reasons including exam documentation and creation of Interpretation and Reports.  We ensure your exam documentation will meet or exceed NCCI standards.  We also will verify you are correctly creating Interpretation and Reports.

         Many Medical Records systems falsely verify exams as complete.  Missing key exam requirements.  Auditors specifically look for these.  We know what the auditors are looking for.  We will detail your exam deficiencies before the auditors do. 

         Most important, are you tired of struggling to earn a profit?  We will show you how to increase your reimbursement without raising any flags!

What are the Auditors Looking For?

Protect Your Pocketbook!