Medical Records Review


This process begins with a through review and evaluation of your Medical Records.  The review will determine if the records meet the NCCI standards used during an audit from Medicare or other payers.  This is a critical process as failure to pass an audit would result in significant cost to the practice which includes the return of reimbursements Plus Penalties Plus Interest. 


This phase also includes interviews with doctors to determine their coding methodology and to discuss proper coding procedures.


For protection from audits - our extensive experience in coding and examination documentation requirements allows us to identify all areas where documentation does not support the exam levels billed. We will make recommendations for correcting these insufficiencies in future exam documentation.  If significant coding errors are uncovered, we will recommend the resubmission of those claims, to avoid costly penalties if uncovered during an audit.


To increase your future reimbursement - We will also review what coding changes or better documentation would have supported increased reimbursement through higher levels of exams and additional procedures.