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Costly Insurance Audit


Insurance audits have become much more prevalent over the last year.  We have seen many audits performed by Insurance companies, including Medicare, Blue Cross, VSP as well as other payers.  While we have seen a few cases that were indeed fraudulent, for the most part these audits were against practices who were following what they thought were good coding, billing and documentation processes.  Unfortunately for these practices there were several contributing factors that led to high penalties.  Some practices were also removed from the insurance companiesí panels. 


We have extensive experience in helping practices after they have been hit very hard with audits from insurance companies.  These negative findings are always stressful to the doctor.  Fortunately, for these practices in many cases we have been successful in reducing or eliminating the penalties.  Frequently, we find the insurance auditor did not request the correct information, misinterpreted exam documentation or made incorrect conclusions.


In our assistance to practices that have been audited, we have been able to have penalties significantly reduced or completely eliminated!


If you have been audited and it is not beyond the appeal period, contact us immediately!


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